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Returns & Refunds: Appliance parts can look similar in many ways. A large portion of our Amazon and auction customers buy the wrong part. It is a very costly problem for us and them, so we suggest you research the exact part you need with the manufacturer, using your model and serial number. Please do the research BEFORE buying since WE CHARGE A RESTOCKING FEE ON ALL RETURNED ITEMS. If you are not sure you are buying the correct part, then we suggest you not complete the purchase because you will be charged a fee for your return. • Amazon states you may return any part or product within 30 days of placing your order. All returns must include the original box and packaging it came in. All returned parts are subject to evaluation of: damage, misuse, attempted installation, or a swapped part being returned. • Please note all our boxes are sealed using tamperproof security tape. • Amazon allows us to charge a 20% restocking fee on unopened returns • Amazon allows us to charge a 35% restocking fee on open box returns • Amazon allows us to charge a 50% restocking fee on open box parts that are not in their original condition • ANY ELECTRICAL PARTS returned open box will not be refunded. Some of these parts include, but not limited to: circuit boards, motors, switches, timers, compressors, ice makers, light bulbs, LEDs, etc. Unopened boxes of electrical parts will be returned at the 20% restocking fee. • Amazon allows us to not refund our original shipping cost on returns which we are not responsible. Even though we list free shipping, it still costs us money. We will email you a copy of our shipping cost upon your request to return and that amount will be deducted from the refunded amount, in addition to any of the above restocking fee.

Icemaker Assy (550, 611,650,680,690,685-2,695-2)
SZ OEM factory part
2-6 day Shipping Time From Sacramento, CA via FedEx Ground
Actual part shown in photo with factory box - See other Photo